Asr detected by system rom

Asr detected by system rom

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понедельник, 12 октября 2015 г.

HP Proliant. DL380p Gen8. Сам выключается.

Имя журнала: System Источник: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Дата: 21.09.2015 14:33:18 Код события: 41 Категория задачи 63) Уровень: Критический Ключевые слова 2) Пользователь: система Компьютер: its-sql.its.lan Описание: Система перезагрузилась, не завершив полностью работу. Эта ошибка может быть результатом того, что система перестала отвечать, произошел критический сбой, или неожиданно отключилось питание. Xml события:

41 2 1 63 0 0x8000000000000002 100436 System its-sql.its.lan

0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 false 0

"764"," Critical","ASR","09/21/2015 14:31","09/21/2015 14:31","1","ASR Detected by System ROM",

"2524"," Caution","iLO 4","09/21/2015 14:30","09/21/2015 14:30","1","Server reset.",

Выставите следующие настройки в биосе: (1) Power Management Options — HP Power Profile — Maximum Performance (2) Power Management Options — HP Power Regulator — HP Static High Performance Mode (3) Power Management Options — Advanced Power Management Options — Collaborative Power Control — Disabled (4) Power Management Options — Advanced Power Management Options — Minimum Processor Idle Power Core State — No C-States (5) Power Management Options — Advanced Power Management Options — Minimum Processor Idle Power Package State — No Package State

После этих настроек сервер отлично работает уже почти два месяца и не выключается. ОС переустанавливать не стал. За помощь HP не взяла ни копейки.

UPDATE: Сервер с этими настройками проработал около полу года. После чего глюки снова начались. В итоге поменяли материнскую плату. Цена, на тот момент, была около 100 т.р.

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Steps To Troubleshoot ASR Detected By System ROM

Hi. I would like to know about the steps which need to be followed to troubleshoot if there is an ASR detected by system ROM. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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Steps To Troubleshoot ASR Detected By System ROM

Hi. The steps to troubleshoot if there is an ASR detected by system ROMare as given below-

1) First of all, you need to find out about when did the ASR occur? Was it after a new hardware was installed or after a new driver was installed

2) Remove the software which was newly installed

3) Update the binary input output server and other firmware to the latest version available

4) As per the server model, update the PSP or the SPP

5) Then, from the system maintenance switch present on the system, clear the NVRAM

6) Using the smartstart CD, run diagnostics

7) Check the HP iLO from geneartion8 or 9.

8) Check the logs within the iLO user interface and HP SIM

9) Generate the report from the Windows OS

10) Analyze the report and check where are issues present

11) Do not provide the diagnostic logs while you create a HP support case

One of my colleagues emailed me about their new HP Proliant DL980 G7 running Windows 2008 to host their databases, “we’ve been having a problem with one of them it’s been reporting ASR alerts. Have you seen this before?”

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Yes I replied and summarized in my emails the steps that I would take in this scenario. Some brief history is here, of course there will be the official HP bit, I found this article talking about it, and all opinions are my own and you should always speak with HP or your service provider if you are unsure about anything.

HP ASR is their Automated System Recovery which is configured in the system bios or configuration menu. The ASR feature can be disabled if you want to manage any events like this manually. It’s a technology which monitors the server hardware to identify system hangs and unexpected behaviour and if there is a problem reboot the server to return the server to service. In the past when I have seen an ASR occur in the Integrated Management Log, (the IML), it’s usually been related to a software or hardware problem and is a symptom of an underlying issue.

The first steps as follows, (I’ve made a note of intrusive/non intrusive in terms of changing system configurations for your reference):

  • Shut the server down and run the full set of HP diagnostics (preferably the latest version) – non intrusive
  • Shut down the server and check/reseat the components in particularly the memory and PCI cards – intrusive
  • Download the latest system, array and ILO/device firmware and apply them to rule out any known issues – this might be achieved using HP Smart Update Manager if you are using it. Can be intrusive (reboot is required) but should not affect any applications or functionality
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The ASR is not always an indication of a hardware fault, however I always want to step back to basics rule out elements until we can identify where the issue occurs, physical check, run diagnostics, firmware/drivers up to date, then possibly disabling ASR if necessary to see if we witness an error, or cross referencing the IML logs with those of the application and the operating system.

With these steps completed run a soak test, by that I mean re-run the application(s) and see what behaviour occurs, if you see a repeated ASR you need to log a call with your hardware service provider or HP and for that you’ll probably need:

  • Server model and serial number
  • Versions of firmware applied
  • IML/diagnostics logs for analysis
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