Темные обои для iphone x

Темные обои для iphone x

У iPhone X впечатляющий OLED-дисплей с насыщенными цветами и высоким разрешением. Одно из преимуществ такого дисплея заключается в том, что чёрные обои на нём смотрятся просто восхитительно благодаря контрастности. В связи с этим сегодня мы подготовили для вас подборку прекрасных чёрных обоев для iPhone X.

Тёмные обои для iPhone X

Скачать: iPhone X

Скачать: iPhone X

Скачать: iPhone X

Скачать: iPhone X

Скачать: iPhone X

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The iPhone X has an AMOLED screen and already, Apple is warning users of possible screen burn if they aren’t careful. This little snag aside, an AMOLED screen can show you true black. The white may not be as bright on a low-end AMOLED screen phone but the iPhone X handles it all really well. To get the most out of the new AMOLED screen, here are 35 iPhone X wallpapers for you to try out.

The images shown are compressed, resized versions of the original wallpaper. They are for preview purpose only. If you like one or more of the listed iPhone X wallpapers, use the download link to get the full resolution image.

1. Moon Landing

There are two variations of this wallpaper made by Redditor Moosetwik.

Download colored and black & white version.

Jim Gresham on November 26, 2017

Our Wallpapers of the Week collection brings you photo quality images, every Sunday. There are many different genres scattered across the section, but one stands out as particularly popular. Anything that is an Apple original, always receives the most views. These have been media event wallpapers, Apple advertising imagery, or in this case, original iOS wallpapers for iPhone.

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Apple removed many of these original iPhone, iPad, and Mac wallpapers, but thanks to @AR72014, we have 45 of them optimized for iPhone X devices!

Original iPhone and Mac wallpapers

The 45-wallpaper collection is almost all previous iOS wallpapers. The only missing few could not technically be optimized at a photo quality standard for the larger iPhone X screen.

There are several important notes about the collection, before you begin a downloading rampage:

First, they are in no particular order, meaning their association with an iOS release is not specifically ordered below. Second, they are optimized for iPhone X, which means they will fit all iPhone devices, but are scaled for iPhone X. When setting them as wallpaper on other devices, you will need to zoom slightly. Third, it is not an exhaustive collection, as mentioned above. Follow @AR72014 for any additional releases, if they are possible. Fourth, there are no optimized versions for tablets…if there were, I would have already included them. Finally, there is no zip file because file size, even when compressed.

I personally curate our Wallpapers of the Week collection via @jim_gresham. It is on Twitter I interact with many of the artists who are featured in our collection. You can submit images to me, originals or not, via Twitter and should follow along for mid-week updates or even extra downloads!

Again, many thanks to AR7, for making such a wonderful collection.

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